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May 31, 2022 Weekly Newsletter

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The following writing is a review of this week's Sunday Morning Message

Remembering The Greatest Sacrifice

Jeremiah 2:1-9

The majority of Matthew 10 is a soul-winning charge that Jesus gives to His disciples before he sends them out to preach the Gospel. We come to the verses that we read in our opening text and we see that He tells them that they need to take up their cross and follow Him. He says that those who are unwilling to do so are unworthy of Him. He gives to His disciples a promise that those who lose their lives for His sake shall find it. In other words, there is nothing that we can give up for Him, that He is not able to replace if we should have a need for it.

Sadly, this is not how most of us live as Christians. We could more easily count the things that we will not do for Christ than we are to take up our own cross and bear a burden for Him, trusting that He is able to give us what we are willing to put down for Him. The Lord said that we are not worthy of Him if we cannot take up our cross and follow Him.

Why do we so struggle to follow Christ as we should? Why is it such a struggle? I believe that we struggle to follow Christ as we should because we lose a bit of our focus. This morning, I am hoping to take a few moments this morning to put our focus back in order and hopefully stir our hearts to follow Christ as we should.

Did you notice what Christ said we should pick up to follow Him? He said we should take up our cross. Now, to the disciples that must have seemed odd, they did not know of Calvary yet at this point. However, we clearly know what Christ is speaking of when He refers to the cross. If we will truly follow Christ there must be a focus on the cross.

How often do we take up the memory of the cross of Christ? How often do we allow our minds to recollect the story of His sacrifice? While we take time on this Memorial Day weekend to remember the great sacrifice of our fallen servicemen and women should we not also take time to remember the greatest sacrifice of all offered for all humanity? This is a key element to following closely after Christ. This morning might we take a few moments to take up the memory of the Cross so that we might be motivated to follow Christ!

On this Memorial Day weekend, we would do well to remember, to remember the story of the cross of Christ. Let us never forget the details of what He did for us on that day. We know and believe that He died on the cross for our sins, but have we heard it so often that we have lost the passion for it. Have we lost the feeling toward it that would stir our hearts? This morning let us remember.

Remember how upon arresting Christ the servant of the high priest and the band brought Jesus to the house of Caiaphas the high priest. Those who held the Saviour subjected Him to mocking, they spit upon Him, and smote Him. They blind-folded Him and in an act of mockery to His status as a Man of God they would take turn smiting Him and then challenge Him to prophesy who had smitten Him.

Remember how the counsel gathered while he was being mocked by those who held Him. They sought for witnesses against the Saviour that night, but found none, until two base men came to lie before the counsel, undoubtedly for profit. The counsel condemned Jesus in the house of the high priest and declared that He must die. After the council meeting Jesus was subjected to the same treatment again by His captors as He was before the meeting.

Remember how the Jews had declared He must die, yet they did not seek to execute Him themselves. They instead took Him to Pilate in the morning light and sought that He might condemn Jesus in the Roman court of execution. Pilate found no fault in Christ but feared the people. He tried to escape deciding by sending Christ to Herod, where He was again mocked and returned to Pilate. This was all before He was even sentenced to the cross of Calvary.

Remember how Pilate tried to release Jesus, but released Barabbas instead. Pilate sentenced Jesus to cross while washing his hands, declaring that He was innocent of the blood of Christ. There Jesus was scourged with a cat o’ nine tails, a punishment reserved for beasts and slaves. All this was still before He went to the cross.

Remember how they lead Him to the common hall called Praetorium were they clothed our Saviour in royal apparel of mockery and put a crown of thorns on His head and a reed in His hand and mocked Him as the King of the Jews. Then they took the reed and smote the crown of thorns on His head driving the thorns deep into His brow. From there they lead Him to the cross.

Remember how they parted His raiment and cast lots for it, that the Scriptures might be fulfilled. Remember how they nailed His hands and His feet to that old rugged cross. The life-giving blood flowed out of His body as He became the sacrifice for sin.

Remember how darkness covered the earth. Remember how He cried, “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Remember how the earth shook when He gave up the ghost, and the vail of the temple rent in two. The affect of His death was so great that even the guard at the cross believed in His Deity.

Remember how Joseph of Arimathea begged the body of Christ. He took the broken body of Jesus and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth and buried Him in a new tomb. Yet, Jesus would not stay in that tomb for He would rise again!

Remember how he triumphed over death and over sin so that you and I could be free!


As we set our sights to our big day ahead we should still rejoice over the good week we had this past week. We had 155 in attendance with 5 visitors. We saw 13 precious souls trust Christ as their Saviour.

Next Sunday is our Big Day and our anniversary Sunday. We will be taking family pictures as well as having a carnival after the morning service.

Yesterday we had our annual Memorial Day picnic. We had a great turn out and every one seemed to have a good time despite the heavy winds.


We have begun our spring campaign, "Take Me Back to Sunday School" We will be having this special Sunday School push for 5 Sundays from May 8th to June 5th. Each Sunday we will be having a special promotion.




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