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May 24, 2022 Weekly Newsletter

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The following writing is a review of this week's Sunday Morning Message

God is Still Pleading

Jeremiah 2:1-9

As we read this opening passage we can see that God has come to Jeremiah, though he is but a young man, and He has given him a message for the nation of Israel. It was a message that the nation of Israel did not want to receive which is why God spent the first chapter assuring Jeremiah of His call on his life as well as His protection. Having assured Jeremiah of this He had a message for His people to be spoken by the prophet Jeremiah. The message from God had three parts.

I remember what you used to be. (Jeremiah 2:2-3)

God remembered how that Israel was in their youth before they were defiled. When they still had their innocence and their purity as a people and a nation. He remembered how they followed Him in the wilderness as He lead them to a land that was not sown.

God remembered how they used to be holy unto the Lord and they were the firstfruits of God’s increase, a people protected by the blessings of God. A nation whose enemies were cursed by God.

I see what you have become. (Jeremiah 2:4-8)

Their direction had changed. God now looked down at the children of Israel and He could see what they had become. They were a people that had turned away from God and followed vanity. He asks them what iniquity they found in Him that they ceased to follow Him. Yet there was no sin in God, He had not changed, it was the nation of Israel that had changed.

Their thankfulness had changed. He had always met their needs, from the days that He brought them up from Egypt they had wanted for nothing that they needed. God had brought them to a land of plenty.

Their relationship with God changed. They now ignored the law of God and walked after an unprofitable way and sought after strange gods who are not true Gods at all.

I will still plead with you! (Jeremiah 2:9)

Despite all this, God was not willing to turn His back on the nation of Israel and He was still willing to plead His case to them in their ears through the man of God, Jeremiah by name who would plead for Him in their ears.

Every parent who has ever watched a child grow, only to see them go wayward as they grow older can empathize with the emotions that God is displaying here, through Jeremiah, to the nation of Israel.

Every parent remembers what their children used to be when they were so young and innocent. When their greatest concern in life was whether they would get the toy they wanted to play with or not. Just as God was doing here with Israel every parent has memories that they travel down and remember from their children’s tender youth.

As those children grow, every parent begins to see what they have become. Some are pleased with what their children have become, and some, like God was with Israel, are distressed at what their children have done. Their wayward children become their heartache. They begin to wonder what more they could have done, or what fault their children found in them that caused them to go astray. Even so, this is the heartache that God was going through with the nation of Israel.

Yet, though heartache has been suffered and though tears have been shed, what parent will not continue to plead with their children to return to what is right, just as God said he would continue to plead with the children of Israel. Pleading with the hopes of finding a repentant heart that might rise up out of the rebellious life. There is still hope as long as the parent will still plead, both in person and in prayer.

Now, as I draw to the point of the message this morning, I want us as a church to be very attentive to what God has for us this morning. We have seen God’s plea to the nation of Israel, and we have seen the parent's plea toward the wayward child. Yet the message this morning is not to parents of wayward children, nor is it to the nation of Israel. It is to those of us who may be wayward from our Heavenly Father who still sits in Heaven pleading with you!

God remembers what you used to be.

When you first trusted Christ you were excited about being saved. You were excited about being a part of the family of God. You were ready to do whatever you could for God in your life.

God sees what you have become.

Unfortunately, often as time passes our zeal for God also begins to fade. We are no longer as interested in the things of God as we used to be. We are no longer anxious to do whatever we can for God. We find it difficult just to come to church once a week. We do not live a life that pleases God at home. Our spirit is contrary to God. Our attitude is bitter toward God. Our heart is cold toward God. God sees what we have become.

God still pleads with us.

Despite this, I am here to tell you this morning that God is still pleading with you. He wants you to return to the excitement that you once had for Him! He wants you to return to the love you once had for HIm! He still wants you no matter what you have done or where you have been God still wants you back!

If you know the history of Israel they would continue to ignore God’s pleading for their return and they would eventually end up in captivity. Let us not ignore God’s pleading for our return to Him!


This was week three of our spring campaign we had 157 people in attendance with 7 visitors and 15 souls making the decision to trust Christ as their Saviour. We need to push hard these last two weeks to finish out the campaign strong! The children's choir sang our theme song Sunday Evening and did a tremendous job with it!


We have begun our spring campaign, "Take Me Back to Sunday School" We will be having this special Sunday School push for 5 Sundays from May 8th to June 5th. Each Sunday we will be having a special promotion.



There will be no "Coffee with Pastor" broadcast this Thursday we will resume with our next broadcast on Thursday, June 2nd.


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