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April 5, 2022 Weekly Newsletter

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The following writing is a review of this week's Sunday School Lesson

Two Sons

Matthew 21:23-32

Jesus has been asked a question by the chief priests and the elders of the people. They asked Jesus by what power and authority he taught the people. In return, Jesus asked them a question. He wanted to know of them if the baptism of John was of Heaven or of men. The chief priests and elders contemplated this question and knew there was no good way to answer the question, and they, therefore, were declined to answer the question at all. Jesus also declined to answer their question, but he gave them this illustration to think about.


In the nation of Israel husbandry was a prominent family vocation. It was customary for the man who owned a vineyard to work his vineyard to keep it productive and then pass both the land and the work down to his sons. It was against Old Testament law for someone to sell their vineyard, it was the heritage of their children.

Therefore, the command of the father for his sons to go and labor in his vineyard would have been a very natural command. He was trying to teach them the family business so that they would be ready to take the vineyard for their own when he passed it down to them.


The eldest son rebelled at the father’s command to go and work in the vineyard. We are not told in Scripture why He rebelled and initially offered His refusal. Maybe the eldest son was just lazy, or maybe the notion of being a husbandman in his father’s footsteps was repulsive to Him, but whatever the cause we do know that his initial response was rebellion.

However, the spirit of rebellion did not stay within the eldest son as he soon repented, having a change of mind, and went out and did the work in the father’s vineyard.


The youngest son did not display the rebellion of his elder brother in his initial response. The younger son responded quite favorably to the father’s command to go labor in the vineyard agreeing to do so. He not only answered with an agreement, but he also answered with respect. (He called his father – sir) However, when the father had gone he failed to follow through and the labor he committed to do in the vineyard.


Jesus posed the question to the chief priests and the elders as to which one was truly obedient. The answer was as obvious to them as it is to us. The eldest son, though he initially showed rebellion to the father’s command did actually go out and do the work, while the younger son failed to go work despite his apparent lack of rebellion. Therefore the obedient son was the eldest son who repented.


As children of God, our Heavenly Father is seeking for us to truly be obedient to Him, not only in word but in action as well.

1. God’s Work is Our Work

The work of God is our family business. We should be interested in the work of God because it is what our family does. Therefore our status as a child of God should serve to motivate us to do His work. Too many Christians sit on the sideline of the field while others go forth to labor. Every Christian should feel burdened to have some part in the work of the Lord.

2. Our Obedience Shows Our Love

The Lord said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15) Therefore our obedience to labor in His field is a show of our love. When we fail to obey the call to work in his field we are failing to show the Lord our love. This stems from a great lack of gratitude from the sinners that have been redeemed by His action of love.

3. God Is Interested in Action

The Lord made clear to the chief priest and elders that he was more pleased with those who had a rough start to their life but repented to actually perform the work of God; then he was with those who appeared to be spiritual and holy, but in practice fail to obey with the sincerity of their heart. God doesn’t want us to talk about obeying him, but rather put obedience into action.


We had a wonderful week this past week with 144 folks in attendance on Sunday and twelve precious souls trusting Christ this past week. While Pastor was out sick on Sunday both Preacher and Bro Looper did a wonderful job of covering everything. Preacher brought two powerful messages on Sunday both in the morning and evening.

Also a big thanks to Mrs. Faith Painter who organized our church activity, the family fun night, this past Friday night. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!

Don't forget about our candy fundraiser. This week we are raising wrapped candy for our candy hunt that we will have on Easter Sunday after the morning service.


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